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SIVECO Romania

AeL lessons of SIVECO Romania have been presented to pupils and teachers in Serbia

17 March 2011

The educational Fair in Novi Sad gathers providers in the field of information technology, education and innovation

Bucharest, 17th of March 2011 - The pupils and teachers in Serbia have tested the AeL lessons of SIVECO Romania, on the occasion of the educational Fair "Road Signs" recently held in Novi Sad. The presentation was done in partnership with SMART, the local leader in educational solutions.

The digital materials presented cover a wide range of disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, biology, informatics, geography and technology. The educational objects have a very attractive and well defined design which significantly contributes to the general presentation and the content understanding.

"AeL eContent uses active didactical methods, which stimulate the learners involvement through exploration, observation, case studies, simulations, exercises, educational games and portfolios. These methods successfully mobilize the learners' energy gaining their attention, increasing their interest and stimulating their natural curiosity, memorizing and understanding capacity. AeL eContent can be translated in any language and can be localized for any country, while respecting the cultural, social and educational specificity of the region", has stated Radu Jugureanu, Manager of AeL eContent Department, SIVECO Romania.