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SIVECO Romania

Strategic partnership between SIVECO Romania and the School for Political Studies - NUR Otan, in view of using the eLearning and Human Resources management systems in Kazakhstan

26 March 2012

The partnership aims at developing and implementing strategic projects for the public servants in leading positions and institutions’ managers in Kazakhstan.

Bucharest, 26th of March 2012 – SIVECO Romania has recently received the visit of a delegation representing the School for Political Studies - NUR Otan, from Kazakhstan. The delegation was composed of Mrs. Bachyt Yessekina, manager of the School for Political Studies -NUR Otan, Ph.D. Professor in economics, Mrs. Raushan K. Satova – Ph.D. in economics, professor, corresponding member of the Engineering Academy in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Mr. Sayabek K. Sakhiyev – Head of the Department for Foreign Affairs of PDP - Nur Otan, Ph.D. in science and professor.

On this visit’s occasion, a strategic partnership has been signed between SIVECO Romania and the School for Political Studies - NUR Otan, in order to promote the most innovative means and technologies for modernizing the human resources management and the development of the professional training by means of eLearning and ITC, for the public servants and the managers of institutions in Kazakhstan.

The visit of the Kazakh delegation at SIVECO’s headquarters takes place in the context of extending participation of the Romanian company in the great processes of introducing IT into the education in Kazakhstan, through the recent signing of the Agreement with the National Centre for Introducing IT in Kazakhstan, in view of providing digital educational content for the Kazakh education system starting with 2012.

“The interest that different education institutions or professional training institutions in Kazakhstan have shown towards the eLearning products and development processes developed by SIVECO Romania represents an argument in favour of acknowledging Romania’s status as country exporting IT solutions for education, by using Romanian solutions in the national programs of introducing IT in ten countries on three continents. We are honoured by the visit of the  Kazakh delegation and we have undertaken to share  with them our expertise in a large, complex, eLearning project at national level”, has declared  Irina Socol, President and CEO, SIVECO Romania.
“The working visit made by the Kazakh delegation to Romania has allowed for very profitable meetings. During the meeting with representatives of SIVECO we have laid the foundation for a long term collaboration, in order to develop the training processes that our students will be involved in”, has stated Mrs. Bachyt Yessekina, manager of the School for Political Studies - NUR Otan, from the Republic of Kazakhstan.