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SIVECO Romania

BETT 2009

UK, London, 14 January 2009 - 17 January 2009

Event theme: BETT 2009, the largest educational technology exhibition, hosted revolutionary education products launches. The new products encourage the use of modern technologies for developing the education systems to better face the 21st century challenges.

SIVECO Romania and SANAKO Corporation launched SANAKO Study Science Lab. The virtual lab offers teachers and students the possibility of running science experiments in a secure and attractive environment. The AeL Science Lab, the digital interactive content developed by SIVECO Romania, facilitates the science experiments. The AeL Science Lab includes 400 interactive lessons of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Participants: 650 companies presented innovative solutions for the 21st century education, and more than 30,000 delegates from all around the world visited Olympia Hall.