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SIVECO Romania

Virtual environment and educational partnership

România, Poiana Braşov, 12 November 2008 - 14 November 2008

During the 12th to the 14th of November 2008 in Poiana Brasov was organized The National Conference “Virtual environment and educational partnership”. Over 250 teachers took part in the event. The teachers that were invited presented educational projects focused on using the newest technologies for education.

The workshops organized in parallel with the conference sessions were followed by the presentation of educational software and concrete solutions to improve the skills of using information technology in teaching.

In the program supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had the chance to participate all the 502 schools from 255 communities included in the project “The Knowledge-based Economy”. In the event “The virtual environment and educational partnership” were awarded 44 schools that impressed the jury with the results of implementation of creative and ingenious projects.

SIVECO Romania offered to the winners educational software packages that included eduCreativ and AeL lessons. The company awarded a special prize, consisting in the chance to participate in “SIVECO Summer School 2009”.