AeL ISTeEurope Awards WSA ICT IPMA IT-Excellence Award
SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania participates at the largest IT exhibition in the Gulf Region

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 October 2009 - 22 October 2009

Within GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, our company showcases the AeL eLearning solution

The technology week has moved to the United Arab Emirates. SIVECO Romania participates at GITEX Technology Week, the most important IT event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, taking place these days in Dubai. Over 3,000 companies worldwide offer visitors the latest products and services in information technology, education and innovation.

SIVECO Romania will showcase the AeL eLearning solution and how it was implemented in pre-universitary schools in the UAE. The AeL solution achieved international recognition over time, and its notoriety recommends SIVECO Romania as one of the global leading eLearning solutions providers and integrators.

"By participating at GITEX Technology Week we have the opportunity to meet with specialists in education and eLearning solutions, to interact with the beneficiaries of our products - students and teachers from schools in Dubai. SIVECO Romania considers the Gulf Region an important market. The IT department within the Ministry of Education in UAE and our company has become partners last year, for developing a project aiming at supporting the teaching and learning process in public schools in Dubai, by introducing the use of the cutting-edge technology. The solution implemented encourages modern education, offering students access to interactive multimedia animations and virtual experiments. The applications are designed as additional tools meant to motivate students to learn. Teachers can use AeL application with the help of interactive board, thus increasing the attractiveness of courses", said Alexander Coşbuc, Assistant Vice President and Sales Manager, Gulf Region, within SIVECO Romania.

The AeL eLearning solution developed by SIVECO Romania covers a very broad area: from interactive educational content, eLearning platforms, education portals and education management applications, and is addressing all the stakeholders implied in education: students, teachers, parents, administrative personnel, decision factors within the Government and the general public.

AeL is designed as a support tool that allows learning in the classroom, but also as a product of the future, available on portable devices that will allow students to learn anytime, from anywhere.

The AeL eLearning solution is currently implemented in over 15,000 schools in Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS, and has over 7 million users worldwide. AeL eContent is one of the largest digital repositories in the world, containing over 3,700 interactive lessons, covering 21 subjects and including over 16,000 individual learning objects.

Since 2005, SIVECO Romania has become a reference name, in the field of computer-aided education worldwide, at the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS). SIVECO Romania became then the first Romanian company that receives first prize in eLearning and AeL interactive lessons, available in all schools in Romania, was awarded as "the best educational content in the world" in a competition in which projects from 168 countries were submitted.

SIVECO Romania participated at GITEX Dubai exhibition along with representatives from the Ministry of SME’s, Trade and Business Environment and as a member of the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry (ARIES).