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SIVECO Romania

The Azerbaijan National Education Management and eLearning project

The Ministry of Education in Azerbaijan aims at offering students equal access to education and technology and to create more possibilities for a safer future, through education. To accomplish its mission, the Ministry of Education has chosen for implementing a successful educational project, an international consortium lead by ULTRA and composed of SIVECO Romania, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Intel. The Azerbaijan national education management and eLearning project’s goal was to contribute to the development and modernization of the Azeri education system by introducing and enhancing the use of IT&C:

Secondary objectives:

Project’s beneficiaries:

As a strategic program for improving the Azeri education system, the project has a positive impact on different levels of users and it addresses the entire society focusing on the development of the national economy. The main beneficiaries are students, teachers, administrative personnel and decision makers within ministry of education. The ministry of education aims at offering maximum advantages for each target group, according to their specific needs.

Students benefit of the complex AeL eLearning solution which includes interactive digital content, meant to increase the motivation for learning and improve students’ scholar results. As an outcome, students transform obligation in motivation, develop new skills, and become more engaged in the learning process and more self confident about their future.

Software components of the project (provided by SIVECO Romania)

AeL eLearning Platform

AeL School Manager (ASM)

Offers support for the management of the school, including:
Management of the school (by study levels, schools, components, etc.)
Management of classrooms / virtual learning spaces
Management of results:
Human resources management:

National education database (NED)

Consolidated data in a single database: Complete and accurate data: Improved data collection system: Migration of existing data
School map application
National education indicators (NEI) built on and fully integrated with main Microsoft technologies (MS Windows Server, MS SQL Server, MS Active Directory, MS SharePoint). Examples of monitored indicators: The following services were provided:

For the Azerbaijan National Education Management and eLearning project to have a positive impact at a national level, cutting-edge technology was chosen to be implemented. The way the technology was deployed was one of the success factors of the project. The consortiums that lead the project provided the Ministry of Education with an integrated eLearning solution, meant to improve the school administration/management process and also the teaching/learning process in the Pre-university education. In addition to the hardware and software installation, the implementation of the program implied the training of the Azeri teaching staff in using AeL components, as well as assuring the technical support and transmission of educational materials. The project was designed as a complete nationwide solution, meant to respond the Azeri education system’s needs, for accomplishing a long-term educational reform. This implies offering free and equal access to ICT tools to all Azeri students and teachers, continuous development training for teachers and administrative personnel, support in installing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, evaluation methodology for decision-makers within the Ministry.