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AeL enables all company employees, regardless of their location (headquarters, branch offices, etc.), to benefit of the same course, the same information, the same training. As a result, they apply the same procedures and are under the same organizational culture. Whether they are in the same room or in their own offices, they are brought together by a training platform: Advanced eLearning.


In September 2004, AeL was nominated for the European IST Prize by the European Commission, the equivalent of an Academy Award in the IT field.

AeL is a complementary instrument, not a digital trainer, and it's goal is not to replace the instructor.
AeL "knows" who is being trained, what the student learned, his/her grades, the parts of the course that must be repeated in order for the student to make progress, what he/she must learn next.

Unlike other products, AeL offers a global view on the company's organizational structure, on the career development plan of every employee, and on his/her professional trajectory.

Thanks to its library, AeL allows the access to a vast informational database.
The AeL library is:

Before becoming available to you, AeL was thoroughly tested inside the company, and the results were remarkable. We are sure that AeL will have the same success within your organization.