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The IT-Based Educational System (SEI) - National Program of the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation

The SEI Program represents the outcome of education strategy of the Romanian Government for improving the education system.


SEI - The IT-Based Educational System is an ambitious project initiated by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation and since 2001, it has been integrated as a key component in the educational reform in Romania. The project focuses on digital literacy of the population through the young population and the introduction and adoption of technology in education, as well as ICT support for teaching/learning management activities.

Introducing ICT resources in the Romanian schools represented the mandatory step in creating an authentic knowledge society, competitive at European and global level.


The main objective of the project was to provide equal access for all students and teachers in pre-universitary education to modern teaching and learning tools. Romanian schools have today at least one IT laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology, thus increasing the quality of education.

The purpose of the IT-based Educational System was to encourage innovative teaching and to stimulate the creativity of both students and teachers. It provides an environment that favors the development of projects and the participation of all of the system's beneficiaries in the further advancement of IT. The IT-based Educational System contributes to the improvement of the curriculum thanks to the integration of modern teaching-learning methods.


As a strategic program of the Ministry of Education, SEI covers all major activities in the educational sector:

The users and beneficiaries are located at several levels (local, regional, and national, each of them comprising several sub-levels) and include teachers, students, parents, managers, operators, decision-makers and the general public.


The educational projects implemented at national level for improving the education system included:

SEI project has successfully accomplished four phases of implementation, each one being developed as a strategic step for improving the Romanian educational system.

Accomplishments and results

Romanian education before computerization of schools:

Romanian education system today:

An independent study, carried out at national level during August 2007 – May 2008 by the University of Bucharest in collaboration with the Institute for Education Sciences, Centre for Innovation and Development in Education (TEHNE) and the Association for Education Sciences (ASTED), reveals the positive impact that SEI Project has on the Romanian education system, both from students’ and teachers’ perspective:

For more information, visit the IT-based Educational Portal or download the SEI brochure in PDF format.