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AeL Educational Presentation

AeL - an innovative tool for education

AeL is a modern eLearning solution, offering facilities for management and presentation of various types of digital content such as educational interactive multimedia content, interactive guides, exercises, simulations and tests.

AeL eLearning solution is based on international principles and standards that support modern education, being designed as complementary tool to classical teaching/learning methods. AeL offers support for all participants in the educational process (students, teachers, administrative personnel, parents, civil society). AeL can be used successfully in the teaching and learning process, testing and evaluation, educational content administration, monitoring the results of training and evaluation, education forecasting, trends and prognosis.

Today, AeL eLearning solution is successfully deployed in over 15,000 schools from Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS. The AeL eContent Library comprises 3,700 interactive lessons, covering over 20 subjects and includes over 16,000 reusable learning objects (RLOs).

AeL is MathML, SVG and SCORM compatible, is perfectly adapted to the Romanian educational legislation, modularized, powerful and extremely flexible, thus can be customised and easily translated in any other language.

AeL is optimized for:

  • Synchronous learning - the teacher controls the whole educational process, creating, adapting and monitoring the training;
  • Asynchronous learning – pupils study at their own pace, enables collaborative projects;
  • Testing and evaluation – meant to meet the needs of educational institutions and to measure the impact and effectiveness over the educational process.

Over 7 million beneficiaries worldwide are currently using the successful AeL eLearning solution. Due to its quality and exceptional results achieved in improving the educational process, AeL received prestigious awards at international level:

2010 - e-learning Awards 2010 – The SEI Program (Romanian IT-based education system) was recently shortlisted within the e-learning Awards 2010, “The best e-learning project securing widespread adoption” category. Launched in 2005, the E-Learning Awards honour the best that e-learning can offer - the programmes, projects, teams, individuals and strategies which have enjoyed the greatest success, gathering each year hundred of applications from around the world. More details at

2009 – International competition „eLearning in Praxis”, part of the 7th International Conference on Emerging eLearning Technologies and Applications (ICETA), Slovakia – the SEI Project (The IT-Based Educational System), was awarded as the best eLearning Solution, for its outstanding impact on the Romanian education system.

2009 – European eGovernment Awards – the SEI Project (The IT-Based Educational System), was awarded as an example of Best Practice, within the “eGovernment empowering citizens” category. European eGovernment Awards is a competition organised and supported by the European Commission. The awards stimulate innovation and shared learning by identifying and promoting good practices. The focus of the European eGovernment Awards is in line with the strategic goals of the i2010 - A European Information Society for Growth and Employment and other European Commission initiatives for the development of an information society for all.

In July 2009, Microsoft recognizes SIVECO Romania as Partner of the Year for Central and Eastern Europe region and world finalist for Advanced Infrastructure Solution, Windows Desktop Deployment category. Using the latest Microsoft technologies and techniques, SIVECO Romania succeeded to implement one of the most complexes and the fastest software deployment ever developed for an educational system. In 2008, more than 100.000 computers in over 10.000 Romanian schools were deployed with AeL eLearning solution, Windows Vista operating system and other latest technology.

SIVECO Romania received the European IT Excellence 2008 award in the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) - Vertical Market category, for its contribution to the implementation of the program of introducing IT&C in the Romanian educational system. European IT Excellence Awards 2008 are supported by the prestigious IT Europe Magazine, which recognize each year the most effective software solutions, implemented for private and public organizations. The implementation and impact of SEI were the main arguments that SIVECO Romania has managed to impose in the European IT Excellence Awards 2008 Gala, receiving a new and important distinction in Europe.

The international jury of IMPA(International Project Management Association) has nominated in 2007 the SEI Project (Computerized Educational System) as one of the worlds’ most effective projects. IPMA, which is globally recognised as professionals in project management, choose as finalist the SEI Project for its outstanding implementation methodology and success achieved for the Romanian education system computerization. IPMA jury recommended the SEI Project, implemented by SIVECO Romania for the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation in Romania, as one of the most important achievements in the field of project management.

As a high international recognition, AeL eContent was on the short-list of ICT Prize finalists, in February 2007. This performance is truly exceptional as ICT Prize is the European most important competition that rewards innovation in information technology - the equivalent of the Oscar Award for IT.

In June 2005, the AeL interactive lessons have been designated as the best educational content in the world, within the prestigious World Summit Award (WSA) competition, organized by the WSIS (World Summit for Information Society).

With this recognition Romania became a reference name on the world’s map of computer assisted learning. SIVECO Romania became the first Romanian company that receives the First Prize in eLearning, which was chosen from projects from 168 countries. Today, using AeL interactive lessons, million of students from around the world have transformed the obligation to learn in the joy of discovering.

“AeL Advanced e-Learning Objects is an excellent example for innovative approach to e-Learning. The digital material can be used in various learning environments, and it covers a huge range of subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, History, Biology, Computer Science, Geography and Technology. The product gives the teacher great flexibility and is an excellent tool that promotes a student-centred approach. It has a very nice and clear design that significantly contributes to the understanding of the content. Rich in multimedia features, the product is a best practice example for new trends in e-Learning.“
- WSA Grand Jury's choice motivation.

In 2005, AeL received the Honourable Mention at the eEurope Awards for eGovernment, for its innovative impact on Romanian education system.

In 2005, AeL received the Honourable Mention at the eEurope Awards for eGovernment, for its innovative impact on Romanian education system:

”This is an innovative project in the area of content management and eLearning. The case has a high impact potential in the education area, and the concept can be used as a model to develop new approaches. The transferability is significant for new member states and applicant countries.” - Jury's appreciation.

In September 2004, the European Commission has nominated AeL eLearning solution for the European IST Prize competition.

All this international recognitions obtained by AeL come as confirmations of its high-quality and effectiveness in the education field. At the same time, the AeL eLearning solution offered by SIVECO Romania continues to improve, enhancing the most advanced technologies, following the latest industry standards and compliance the customers’ requirements.