SIVECO Romānia


AeL eContent is one of the largest digital repositories in the world, comprising more than 45,000 interactive Reusable Learning Objects based on tens of teaching subjects.

SIVECO Romania successfully implemented its eContent solution in more than 30,000 schools worldwide, as an essential component of major projects, being currently used by more than 16 million beneficiaries worldwide.

The AeL digital content is designed for specific pedagogic scenarios, targets specific didactic objectives and complies with the latest international standards.

Localisation for any country, translation into any language, correlation with specific education and cultural standards are the main challenges that AeL eContent has been successfully facing in the education sector.

AeL eContent is developed based on a constructivist and student-centred approach, representing a valuable support for both students and teachers.

The interactive lessons stimulate students to search, research, discover solutions and form their own stock of knowledge. They can repeat the digital lessons as many times as necessary in order to understand a certain topic.

In addition, the digital educational content helps teachers to transform the lessons into a pleasant experience for their students, representing thus an efficient tool from the pedagogical perspective.